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COAA Rally

Highland Park Carousel
Endwell, NY
July 22-23, 2023

Several Rotary clubs of Broome County New York present the first regional Carousel and Band Organ Rally in conjunction with the Carousel Organ Association of America. The Band Organ Rally will be held at Highland Park in Endwell on July 22 and 23. The event will also feature the historic Carousel Circuit. Transportation will be provided to all six carousel sites which are located in Broome County. Maps will be provided for those wishing to drive to the sites. Entertainment will be available at each of the locations. Food will be available at selected sites.


Broome County is known as the “Carousel Capital of the World” thanks to the generosity of industrialist George F. Johnson. Mr. Johnson provided carousels and band organs to six sites from 1919 to 1934. His goal was to provide free family entertainment and they remain free today. All six sites were declared National Historic Sites.

The region is also the home of Harvey Roehl, a pioneer in the collection of outdoor mechanical musical instruments. Local inventor Edwin Link made organs and player pianos. Link’s work with organs led to his development of simulators for the aviation industry. Rod Serling, author of the Twilight Zone, lived a short distance from Rec park. The Binghamton Philharmonic recently brought to life Serling’s episode, “Walking Distance”. A Wurlitzer band organ was used in the performance. This Rally honors the contributions of Johnson, Roehl, Link and Serling to our community. A historical exhibit will be available at Highland Park.

Johnson City Rotary will be hosting their annual Carousel festival on July 22. The Carousel
Modelers and Miniatures Association will feature an exhibit at the event. We expect several
smaller musical instruments will come to Highland Park. These smaller instruments will come together to provide concerts at specific times.


Endicott Rotary started searching for a band organ for their carousels in 2020. Two years later Endwell Rotary embarked on a similar quest for Highland Park. Endwell Rotary purchased a refurbished organ from Mikey Mills, a member of the Carousel Organ Association of America. Mikey suggested the idea of a band organ rally. We decided to develop an event that would honor all six Carousel sites. Mikey will help us to develop a great event.

A broad-based community collaboration is being formed to plan this event and to entertain our visitors. Rooms are being reserved for the event. A dinner will be provided to the Musical instrument exhibitors on Saturday Evening at Highland Park. There will be opportunities for networking, snacks and presentations. A welcome package will be prepared. In the interim, please explore the carousel circuit and our community at


We welcome you to our community to share your love and appreciation of carousels and band organs!

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