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Carousel Organ Association of America
Crank Organ Rally

In conjunction with the

Mountain View Iris Festival

Mountain View Arkansas
Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Iris Festival is rolling out the welcome mat for the COAA and AMICA Heart of America Chapter Organ Rally in Mountain View, Arkansas located
in the Ozark Mountains. This will be the fourth annual Iris Festival and the second organ Rally
to be held in Mountain View.

A Bit About Mountain View:
Mountain View is the Folk Music Capitol of the World. The city culture is rich in the history of
preserving folk music and culture. There are regular free music gatherings on the courthouse
square and surrounding areas. Mountain View is home to the Ozark Folk Center and
Blanchard Springs Caverns. There are a variety of festivals throughout the year in Mountain
The music gatherings on and around the courthouse square are open to other participants so
bring your dulcimers, guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, auto-harps, zithers and bass fiddles
and join in the fun. If you have a washtub bass or musical saw bring it.