All information below is subject to change. An email with updated and more detailed information will be sent to all registrants by the rally host a couple weeks before the rally.

Early Registration Pickup: Early registration pickup will be available at the Circus Hall of Fame on Thursday evening from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM on the west side of the barns in the COAA section. 

Large Organ Placement: Large organ placement is available all day on Thursday and on Friday morning before 9:00AM. The rally host will be on site on Thursday evening from 5:00 PM - 6:30PM and on Friday morning at 8:00AM. Large organs will be placed on the west side of the barns to limit interference from steam calliopes which will be placed on the opposite side of the grounds, as far away as possible.

Large Organ Departure: The Circus Hall of Fame would prefer that large organs do not leave until after the festival closes on Friday/Saturday evenings at 5:00PM. If you must leave before the festival closes on either day, notify the rally host and arrangements will be made. 

Small Organs: Small organs are free to set up wherever there is room and where they will not cause interference with other exhibitors/activities. The availability of overnight lockup for small organs is unknown at this point.

Food: An informal pre-rally dinner (Dutch treat) will be held at Harvey Hinklemeyers pizza restaurant at 7:00 PM on Thursday evening. At the festival, typical fair food will be available from various vendors. After the festival closes on Friday, the Circus Hall of Fame will be providing a cookout to all rally attendees at no cost. 

Please contact the rally host with any questions, comments, or concerns not covered here!